Sunday, May 14, 2006

Index: Desserts

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(Last Updated 11 September 2006.)

Cookies & Bars

Triple-Chocolate Fudge-A-Licious Brownie-Cookies
Desperately decadent cookies
Khatai Cookies
A rich pistachio cookie from Afghanistan
Keke Faasaina
Coconut Puff Cookies from Samoa
Super-Killer Choc-A-Licious Fudgy Almond Brownies
A dense, nutty cross between fudge and brownie
Austrian Cinnamon Sables
A soft & sweet cinnamon sugar cookie, posted by Lovescool
Chocolate To Die For Cookies
Spiced with rum-soaked currants and cayenne
Thin Mints
Chocolate wonder-wafers from 101 Cookbooks
Sesame Cookies
A dense, subtle cookie from Morocco
Algerian Semolina Sugar Cookies
You've never had a sugar cookie like this before
Allergy-Free Cookie: Almond-Butter Chocolate Chip
No Wheat, Corn, Gluten, Milk, Peanuts . . .
Phoebe's Famous Oatmeal Cookies . . . Sort Of
An Interesting Variation Born of a Lack of Oatmeal
Please-Everybody Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
Moderately chewy, moderately crunchy, great peanut flavor - and chocolate!
Mocha Truffle Cookies
Fudgey little mocha balls from Sweetnick's place
Basler Brunsli
Soft, chewy, chocolate-almond roll-outs from Switzerland


Triple-Layer Almond-Raspberry Cake
With a ridiculous number of buttercream roses

A soft, light coffee cake from the Netherlands Antilles


Buttermilk Cupcakes with Browned Butter Frosting
Brain-pulsing sugary-ness

Sweet Breads

Romanian Chocolate-Walnut Bread
From a Friend's Ex-Boyfriend's Romania Mother
Pecan Bubble Bread
A.K.A. Monkey Bread (Sans Monkey)
Soft, puffy, fluffy, buttery, oh yes
Sweet Walnut Bread
A tender, moist breakfast bread from Albania
Mango Banana Bread
A tangy, unique spin on banana bread


Chocolate Chip Scones
A soft & sweet scone from the Joy of Baking

Coconut Scones
Soft interior, crispy crust
Coffee Walnut Scones
Dense & delicious scones from 101 Cookbooks

"Other" Desserts

Aland Pancakes
A delicious rice custard from a tiny Swedish Isle
Australian Creamed Rice
Soft & sweet, easy on the nutmeg
Belarusian Rice Pudding with Carrots
Sweet but low-sugar comfort food
Cinnamon-Ginger Rice-Shake
A thick rice-based "milk" shake from El Salvador
Aruban Bananas
Baked bananas in syrup, perfect for ice creams
Sweet Potato Odd-Balls from Antigua and Barbuda
Rogel de Dulce de Leche
Crepes with Sweet Milk Jam from Argentina
Baked Banana Custard
A Weird-Looking Custard from the Bahamas
Bahrainian Sweet Rice with Dates

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