Friday, May 05, 2006

On the Shoulders of Bloggers: 101 Cookbooks' Thin Mints

The guy who work weekends at the front desk of my apartment building has long hair and plays an electric guitar shaped like a burst of flame. He usually looks at me blankly when I come in, or grunts hello and goes back to his music.

Last Saturday, as I was going out for a run, he looked up from his strumming and said, "I loved your thin mints."

For one nano-second, I thought he was hitting on me. Then I remembered. I had put out a plate of home-made thin mints as part of my on-going bake sale. Mildly disoriented, I managed to say "Thanks!" and scurried out the door for my run.

What I really should have said was: "Actually, they aren't my thin mints. I got the recipe from Heidi Swanson's 101 Cookbooks blog. But on behalf of Heidi, thanks!"

It's a wonderful recipe – makes me feel like a Girl Scout again. So, on behalf of the guitar-playing guy who works weekends at our front desk (and on my own behalf): thanks, Heidi!

(My own edition is not as beautiful as Heidi's, but oh they are delicious)

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