Saturday, May 13, 2006

On the Shoulders of Bloggers: Chocolate To Die For Cookies from Fresh Approach Cooking

Some chocolate cookies are so chocolatey you just have to smile. Other are so chocolatey you raise your eyebrows in delight. And then there are those so densely chocolat-a-ricious that they actually make you sneeze.

Obviously I'm writing about the latter.

This is the Chocolate To Die For Cookie from Rachael's Fresh Approach Cooking blog. Their fudgy tri-chocolate richness combined with the unlikely pinch of cayenne and pepper set off so many of my taste buds that they called in my histamines for backup and I actually sneezed from the richness. Wow. Now that's a cookie.

After Rachael's near Greek-Scale tragedy of forgetting to add the flour, I was extra vigilant about all the ingredients and I suspect they all made it into the cookie. If not, it's the most versatile cookie in the world, because it was, as its name suggests, to die for.

Thanks for the recipe, Rachael!

1 comment:

Rachael said...

Oh wow, Im so flattered! And Im glad you liked them...

To Die For Indeed...

Thanks again, you rock!