Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Link - Link - Cookie! (Mocha Truffle, No Less)


Last night, I checked the email account to which my comments are emailed. And there were a lot of comments!

"I'm popular!" I thought. "What's going on?"

Then I saw, at the base of the comment bonanza, an email from Cate at Sweetnicks. I was new blogger of the week! I was tickled pink.

Now I have a few dozen new comments to respond to (joy!) – but first, I need to say an enormous thank you to Cate from Sweetnicks for the link and compliments. Silly that a link should make me go skipping through my kitchen, waving my spatula like a wand and blessing the salt and pepper shakers – but it did. So thank you!

To really emphasize the thank you, I went straight to the Sweetnick blog, picked out the Mocha Truffle Cookies, and baked the little devils. Oh ho ho are they ever tasty. I only had 1/2 cup chocolate chips, so I used butterscotch chips in place of that last cup.

What an unfathomably delicious cookie. Sweetnick says not to bake them a second longer than 10 minutes - and she is completely right. 10 minutes make a lusciously moist and brownie-like cookie. Oh joy!

Anyway – thank you for the link, Sweetnick! (And the comments, everyone else – I am a girl who does like comments and will be wading through them soon!)


Cate said...
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Cate said...

LOL - you are too funny! Happy to send some new fans your way, and even better that you love the cookies ... definitely one of my favorites. :)

Alanna said...

What a great way to say thank you! I'm partial to peanut butter myself ;-)