Saturday, May 06, 2006

On the Shoulders of Bloggers: Chocolate Chip Scones from Joy of Baking

My apartment is perfect. It's a small one-room bounded by a railroad track, a factory, a homeless shelter, and a parking lot; it's kitchen has 2 square inches of counter space; and the ceiling leaks when it rains . . . but one entire wall of windows faces east and catches the Boston skyline and the dawn.

In the mornings, my apartment glows like ripe oranges with sunlight. This morning I got up in that thick, early spring light, and made chocolate chip scones. It was one of those rare, almost fairy-tale mornings: glowing spring sunlight, an entire day spreading before me, a clean kitchen, a pot of steaming tea, and the scent of baking scones.

These were the chocolate chip scones from Stephanie Jaworksi's Joy of Baking – thick, delicate, and cake-like; sweetened by the chocolate, but still light enough for seconds (and thirds). Thanks, Stephanie.

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