Monday, May 08, 2006

On the Shoulders of Bloggers: Lovescool's Austrian Cinnamon Sable

Google brought me into the blog-o-sphere. On the top of my Gmail account one day flashed the headline: "101 Cookbooks – Thousand Layer Lasagna."

Thousand Layer Lasagna. I clicked before I even registered what it meant. From there it was link-link-link through the food-o-sphere, overjoyed at the discovery of this whole new world.

When my link-fest brought me to Lovescool's Cinnamon Sable, I started printing.

Oh what a beautiful cookie – the soft cinnamon center, the crinkly sugar crust, that charming spiral hole in the center. But I live with the curse of the refrigerator cookie (impossibility of making a good one), so as my pile of printed blog recipes grew, this one gradually made its way to the bottom.

I dug it up today, threw caution to the wind, and baked it. A fantastically delicious cookie, but I couldn't make it look even close to pretty, so I applied some quick cinnamon icing. An amateur out, to be sure, but a delicious, soft and rich cookie nonetheless.

Thanks Lovescool!

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Kelli said...

I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier. Thanks for trying it out! I see your spirals held up better than mine. Maybe the spreading came from over beating the butter, or maybe the dough could have been left in the refrigerator longer? Who knows, but I think they look delicious with that icing. Yum.