Saturday, May 29, 2010

Laos: Khao Sangkhaya (Coconut Rice)

This is delicious – one of the best rice puddings I’ve had.

Recipe: Khao Sangkhaya
Serves 2

1 cups rice
1/3 cup coconut milk
30 g sugar
1 tsp salt
30 g coconut cream milk

For Sangkhaya:
1 eggs
30 g sugar
30 g coconut cream milk
1/3 tsp cornflour
1 Tbsp water of bay teui leaves

Soak rice 2 hours, drain, steam for 20 minutes over high heat. Mix coconut milk and sugar, add to rice and steam for 25 minutes.

Make the Sangkhaya: Beat eggs with sugar and coconut, then add salt and cornflour. Mix with the rice, stir, and steam for 5-10 minutes over high heat.

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