Monday, July 17, 2006

Fluffernutter - (Almost) The Official State Sandwich of Massachusetts

This was almost the Massachusetts State Sandwich. It’s a ridiculous story:

Massachusetts State Senator Jarrett T. Barrios (D) has a third-grader named Nathaniel, who went to the school cafeteria one day and was served a Fluffernutter: a peanut butter sandwich with a layer of Fluff – the famous marshmallow spread that was invented just north of Boston and is essentially pure sugar with a little bit of air whipped in.

Outraged that his son was served junk food in his school, Senator Barrios attached an amendment to the state’s junk food bill that would limit how much Fluff could be served up in public schools. (Ha)

Outraged at such an attack on local heritage, Massachusetts State Senator Kathi-Anne Reinstein filed a bill to make the Fluffernutter the Official State Sandwich.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine from Wisconsin was starting a new internship at the Boston Globe and found the Fluff Huff deposited on his desk. So many of us got a blow-by-blow account of how the Fluffernutter Fight went down, and the subsequent fallout.

Both senators eventually dropped their proposals, but Fluff sales went up 800%. One of those 8-ounce jars was me – I had to try it. After all the Fluff huff, I was expecting something a little more sinful. But it just tasted like an especially gooey peanut butter sandwich. Cute, but not something that screamed “Legislate me!”

Fluffernutter Recipe:
Makes 1 New England Icon

2 Tbsp peanut butter
2 Tbsp Fluff
2 slices bread – preferably mass-produced white bread with zero nutritional value



Tanna said...

How perfectly funny.

Lis said...

That is funny.. and kinda weird as I've never had the fluffernutter until just recently myself. And yeah, I don't get it? It tasted like a freakin peanut butter sandwich. Woop. Now, Fluff served on a giant spoon? That's a good thing! :D

Chloe said...

Right now I have Fluffernutter ice cream in my freezer it is a special from Brighams... I LOVE IT!! You should check it out!

Laura Rebecca said...

You know, I have always justified my (occasional) use of fluff in peanut butter sandwiches thusly: do you know how much sugar is in jelly? TONS! I doubt there's much of a nutritional difference between the two. (Now, peanut butter and banana sandwhiches: nutritious and delicious!)