Saturday, June 24, 2006

Index: Breads

This Index Was Last Updated 11 September 2006.
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Quick Breads

Tea Brack
Irish raisin quickbread
Romanian Chocolate Walnut Bread
From a Friend's Ex-Boyfriend's Romanian Mother
Albanian Sweet Walnut Bread
Half bread, half cake, totally drop-dead delicious
Banana Mango Bread
A zesty variation from Dominica
Bajan Sweet Bread
Dense coconut-raisin bread from Barbados
Cornbread from Bermuda

A soft, light coffee cake from the Netherlands Antilles

Yeast Breads

Pecan Bubble Bread
A.K.A. Monkey Bread (Sans Monkeys)
A beautiful Greek wreath bread
Classic New England sandwich bread
Puffy Polish bread
New England Raisin Bread
Soft, delicious, lemony and delicate

Oatmeal Bannock
Sweet, scone-like wedges from Scotland

Czech Easter Braid
Flakey, lemon-flavored braid with almonds and raisins

Other Breads

Flakey, fantastic French pastry
Pizza Dough
Very soft & lovely

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